[Trilinos-Users] Find enclosing element in EXODUS II tetrahedral mesh.

Michael Afanasiev mafanasiev at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 14:26:03 MST 2014

Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Afanasiev, and I am a PhD student at ETH Zürich, in Switzerland. 

I’m working with a large 3-D tetrahedral finite element mesh, which is stored as an EXODUS II file. I need to find the smallest simplex that encloses an arbitrary 3-D point. Alternatively, the enclosing element would do just fine. The purpose is for interpolation over the element.

I’m currently accomplishing this by recursively searching a KDTree around my requested point, and finding the smallest enclosing simplex. This works pretty well in most cases. I was wondering if there was any functionality built into Trilinos or EXODUS that would accomplish this instead, or if anyone has an alternative idea.

Cheers, and all the best. Apologies if this comes through as a duplicate.

Michael Afanasiev
Ph.D. Candidate
Computational Seismology
Institut für Geophysik
ETH Zürich

Sonneggstrasse 5, NO H 52.2
CH-8092 Zürich
michael.afanasiev at erdw.ethz.ch

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