[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] Zoltan with Epetra_CrsMatrix

Devine, Karen D kddevin at sandia.gov
Wed Apr 24 15:38:30 MDT 2013

You should look at the Trilinos package Isorropia, which provides an Epetra-based interface to Zoltan.
I find the easiest way to use Isorropia is with the create_balanced_copy method, which takes your input matrix and produces a new, redistributed matrix.  The Isorropia parameter BALANCE OBJECTIVE allows balancing with respect to nonzeros.

Usage looks something like this:

  Epetra_CrsMatrix *A = your_matrix;
  Teuchos::ParameterList paramlist;
  paramlist.set("STRUCTURALLY SYMMETRIC", "YES");
  paramlist.set("BALANCE OBJECTIVE", "NONZEROS");

  Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_CrsMatrix> B =
              Isorropia::Epetra::create_balanced_copy(*A, paramlist);
  delete *A;
  A = B.get();

On 4/15/13 7:20 PM, "Sunghwan Choi" <sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com<mailto:sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi, I have a question on Zoltan;
I am originally Epetra user not Zoltan user. Now, my program suffers from load unbalance. To solve the problem, I considering using Zoltan or not.
My program basically uses Epetra_CrsMatrix. The main trouble is that numbers of non-zero values in rows is quite different. Thus, certain row has too many non-zero values while the other value has less non-zero values;

Is this situation proper to use Zoltan? and Does Zoltan support Epetra_CrsMatrix? Because I’ve never seen the example that use Zoltan with Epetra stuff.

Sunghwan Choi

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