[Trilinos-Users] Amesos and complex numbers

Nikhil Kriplani nmkripla at ncsu.edu
Wed Jul 23 12:56:19 MDT 2008


I am trying to use Amesos LU factorization for solving a matrix that
consists of complex numbers. I've set up 2 real matrices using Epetra,
Areal and Aimag, and built up an augmented system as described on the
komplex web page.
So essentially, I am doing an LU factorization on a real matrix of
twice the dimension.

My question is, after the LU factors are generated and the solution
generated, is this solution unique? I guess this is more a
mathematical question that a software one, but do I have to some
compensation/scaling to the solution with this scheme?

Also, when Tpetra complex number support comes out in Sep, will Amesos
LU solver be compatible with factorizing a complex matrix?


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