[Trilinos-Users] 2 moocho questions.

Luca Heltai luca.heltai at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 07:51:50 MDT 2008

Dear Trilinos users,

I have a couple of questions about moocho....

I would like to keep track of what is happening during the minimization
process by making some "realtime" plots. I'm using the EpetraExt Model
Evaluator interface, and I'm letting the package compute finite differences
for the objective DgDp.

First question: is there a way to find out from within the EvalModel call
the iteration number of the moocho solver?

I'd like to place some code as

static int last_iteration = -1;

if(last_iteration != get_current_iteration_here() ) {
    last_iteration = get_current_iteration_here();

in order to have the intermediate solutions plotted at each iteration step.
(each iteration in my problem is about a minute long, so this will not
impact performances too much...).

Second question: is there a way to pass the finite difference calculator an
Epetra_CrsGraph so that only the existing entries are calculated? The system
I'm solving is pretty big and blockwise sparse, so this would really help a

Thanks in advance.


Luca Heltai <luca.heltai at gmail.com>
There are no answers, only cross references.
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