Below is a listing of current and past Trilinos contributors. Additions, updates and corrections can be sent to the Trilinos-Framework mail list.

Current Contributors

Mike Heroux [email] [website]
Trilinos Project Leader
Scalable Linear Algebra Capability Area Leader
Lead developer of Epetra, AztecOO, Kokkos, Komplex, IFPACK, and TriUtils
Developer of Amesos, Belos, EpetraExt, Jpetra, New_Package, Teuchos, and Tpetra

Chris Baker [email] [website]
Developer of Anasazi, Belos, Teuchos, Tpetra and Kokkos

Ross Bartlett [email] [website]
Lead developer of Thyra, RTOp, Stratimikos, and Moocho
Developer of Teuchos and Rythmos

Pavel Bochev [email]
Discretizations Capability Area Leader

Paul Boggs [email]
Developer of TSFExtended

Erik Boman [email]
Lead developer of Isorropia
Developer of Zoltan

Todd Coffey [email]
Lead developer of Rythmos

Eric Cyr [email]
Lead developer of Teko

David Day [email]
Developer of Komplex, IFPACK, TAmesos

Karen Devine [email]
Geometry, Meshing & Load Balancing Capability Area Leader
Lead developer of Zoltan
Developer of Isorropia

Clark Dohrmann [email]
Lead developer of CLAPS

David Gay [email]
Lead developer of Sacado

Glen Hansen [email]
Lead developer of Moertel

David Hensinger [email]
Lead developer of Pamgen

Robert Hoekstra [email]
Developer of Epetra and EpetraExt

Russell Hooper [email]
Developer of NOX

Vicki Howle
Lead developer of Meros

Jonathan Hu [email]
Linear and Eigen Solvers Capability Area Leader
Lead developer of ML

Sarah Knepper [email]
Developer of Komplex

Patrick Knupp [email]
Lead developer of Mesquite

Joe Kotulski [email]
Lead developer of Pliris

Jason Kraftcheck [email]
Lead developer of Mesquite

Rich Lehoucq [email] [website]
Developer of Anasazi and Belos

Nicole Lemaster [email]
Lead developer of CTrilinos

Kevin Long [email]
Lead developer of Sundance
Developer of Thyra, Belos, and Teuchos

Kurtis Nusbaum [email]
Lead developer of Optika

Ron Oldfield [email]
I/O Support Capability Area Leader

Roger Pawlowski [email]
Lead developer of NOX

Brent Perschbacher [email]
Scientific programmer, Framework developer

Kara Peterson [email]
Intrepid developer

Eric Phipps [email]
Developer of LOCA, NOX and Sacado

Lee Ann Riesen [email]
Developer of Zoltan and Isorropia

Damian Rouson [email]
Lead developer of ForTrilinos

Andrew Salinger [email]
Nonlinear, Transient, and Optimization Solvers Capability Area Leader
Lead developer of LOCA

Chris Siefert [email]
Developer of ML

Heidi Thornquist [email] [website]
Lead developer of Anasazi, Belos, and Teuchos

Ray Tuminaro [email] [website]
Lead developer of ML and Meros

Jim Willenbring [email]
Framework, Tools, and Interfaces Capability Area Leader
Lead developer of the Trilinos Framework, New_Package, and Amesos
Developer of Epetra and Kokkos

Alan Williams [email]
Developer of Epetra, EpetraExt, and AztecOO

Siva Rajamanickam [email]
Developer of Zoltan and TAmesos

Lee Buermann [email]
Trilinos Webmaster

Past Contributors

Jason Cross
Michael Gee
Esteban Guillen
Bob Heaphy
Ulrich Hetmaniuk
Kris Kampshoff
Tammy Kolda
Joe Outzen
Mike Phenow
Paul Sexton
Ken Stanley
Marzio Sala
Cedric Chevalier