[Trilinos-Users] FW: [EXTERNAL] ask for help for installing Peridigm

Littlewood, David John djlittl at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 26 19:26:58 EDT 2018

Wei Sun,

I’m forwarding your question about compiling Trilinos to the Trilinos help email, since it is specific to Trilinos.

Regarding non-ordinary state-based models, yes, Peridigm has a general framework for implementing correspondence type material models and currently has a correspondence elastic model, a correspondence elastic-plastic model, and a correspondence isotropic hardening plasticity model (in addition to a number of standard peridynamic models).


From: Wei Sun <ws2537 at columbia.edu>
Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 8:40 PM
To: "Littlewood, David John" <djlittl at sandia.gov>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] ask for help for installing Peridigm

Dear David,

I am currently a PhD visiting student in Columbia University. I am a newer for Peridynamics. Now I try to install Peridigm in Ubuntu 16.04.4. I encounter a problem.

when I try to install Trilinos, the progress stops at 81% for a long long time, i.e. TWO DAYS nearly 48h, which can be seen as attached picture. I don't know why. I compile it through the configure file as the website(configure successfully). Now what can I do?

Another question is about the non-ordinary based model. Did it had been realized in the Peridigm?

Thank you very much! Looking forward to hear form you.


Wei Sun
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