[Trilinos-Users] Segmentation fault when using setPrecOperator and user defined preconditoner

John Jomo john.jomo at tum.de
Mon May 29 11:39:58 EDT 2017


I want to apply a user-defined preconditioner when using Aztec00 through 
the function setPrecOperator() but get an exception when the iterate 
function is called on my AzteC00 object. The exception seems to be 
related to a bad_cast.

Here is a code snippet.

Teuchos::ParameterList mySolverParameterlist;
mySolverParameterlist.set( "AZ_output", AZ_summary );
mySolverParameterlist.set( "AZ_tol", 1e-10 );
mySolverParameterlist.set( "AZ_conv", AZ_rhs );
mySolverParameterlist.set( "AZ_solver", AZ_cg );
mySolverParameterlist.set( "Max_Iters", 8000 );

Epetra_LinearProblem problem( A, x, b );

AztecOO solver(problem);

EpetraFECrsMatrixPtr preconditioner = 

solver.SetParameters( mySolverParameterlist );
solver.SetPrecOperator( preconditioner );
solver.Iterate( mySolverParameterlist.get("Max_Iters",100), 
mySolverParameterlist.get( "AZ_tol",1e-8) );

I tried following the advice in the AzteC00 examples or in the following 


My user defined Preconditioner is an algebraic preconditoner which I 
store as a Epetra_FECrsMatrix. I compute the values of the 
preconditioner in the function computePreconditionerMatrix() and call 
FillComplete when finished.

A Epetra_FECrsMatrix should be a Epetra_Operator so I do not see why 
code doesn't work. Is there anything I am missing?

Thanks for the help.



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