[Trilinos-Users] many interacting blobs in Trilinos

Albert Solernou a.solernou at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 12:30:01 EST 2017

Dear All,

In my team at the University of Leeds (UK) we have written a 
self-contained C++ code that simulates interacting blobs in water. More 
explicitly, it simulates the time evolution of visco-elastic bodies with 
irregular geometries, represented by unstructured tetrahedral meshes, 
which interact together via a number of pair-pair potentials. Therefore, 
our work combines the problem of the N^2 interacting bodies (external 
faces), together with solving the Cauchy momentum equation to calculate 
the time evolution of the system. At the moment, we don't consider 
hydrodynamic effects, but the friction with the solvent. Still, we will 
be modelling these in the future.

We now have strong interest in porting our code to MPI, and considered 
using a third party library.

Would Trilinos be the right library? How would its parallel layer cope 
with many small interacting bodies (meshes) and maybe some huge long 
beam to be bent? Could you please give some guidance on how best to 
spend my time learning how to use it? Would it be easy for us to write 
extensions to Trilios in case it was needed in the future?

Sorry by the long email, and for asking so many questions. I really only 
need some directions, as the library (or set of libraries) is really large.

Best regards,

   Dr Albert Solernou
   EPSRC Research Fellow,
   Department of Physics and Astronomy,
   University of Leeds
   Tel: +44 (0)1133 431451

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