[Trilinos-Users] Issues with Trilinos-Kokkos withCUDA

Ashesh Chattopadhyay ashesh6810 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 01:00:42 EST 2017

Dear All,

I have installed Trilinos with CUDA support correctly(Pointed the
OMPI_CXX_COMPILER to nvcc wrapper etc) and tried to run an example kokkos
code from the repository on GPU. I was able to compile it correctly by
passing the nvcc flags *-expt-extended-lambda -DKOKKOS_CUDA_USE_LAMBDA *but
the code shows me a run time error:

*Kokkos::Cuda::initialize WARNING: running kernels compiled for compute
capability 0.-3 on device with compute capability 2.1 , this will likely
reduce potential performance.terminate called after throwing an instance of
'std::runtime_error'  what():  cudaFuncSetCacheConfig(
cuda_parallel_launch_local_memory< DriverType > , cudaFuncCachePreferL1 )
error( cudaErrorInvalidDeviceFunction): invalid device function
functionality not availableAborted (core dumped)*
I am attaching the *code* that I am running from the repo and also the
*script* I use to compile the code with CUDA. Please help me identify the


Research Assistant, Multi-Scale Multi-Physics Computation Lab
University of Texas at El Paso
Texas, El Paso, USA
(+1) 915-355-5013
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