[Trilinos-Users] about Tpetra + Kokkos app built against installed trilinos

KESTENER Pierre pierre.kestener at cea.fr
Tue Jan 3 17:41:04 EST 2017


The following is a suggestion for a minor improvement in the installed TrilinosConfig.cmake.

On the trilinos tutorial wiki
in the section "Learn how to create and use Kokkos with Tpetra."

the suggested CMakeLists.txt's are mostly OK, but if Trilinos has been built with Tpetra+Kokkos and CUDA enabled, i.e. the variable CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS was passed to the main trilinos configure script, activating some nvcc flags
passed to nvcc_wrapper (cuda architecture, uvm, lambda, ...), the precise flags used to build trilinos are not saved
in the installed TrilinosConfig.cmake

I think it would be useful to have those precise flags saved in a variable named something like
it would make easier afterwards to build a CUDA app against an installed trilinos.

Best regards,

Pierre Kestener.

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