[Trilinos-Users] Using Playa::Eigensolver with Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix

Rush, Simon simon.rush at ttu.edu
Fri Sep 16 13:04:00 EDT 2016


       I am trying to use Playa::Eigensolver to solve for the singular values and right singular vectors of a matrix (A) by solving for the eigenvalues and eigenevectors of AA^H. However, I'm having some trouble with the parameters for Eigensolver.solve. It says that I need to give it a LinearOperator, along with a vector for the eigenvalues and a vector for the eigenvectors. I was working an Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix, but I can't seem to locate a way to get the LinearOperator form of the matrix it contains. Am I simply way off on the approach? Thank you for your time.

Simon Rush
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