[Trilinos-Users] Patch submission process

Carlos Reyes carlos at stellarscience.com
Fri Aug 26 12:21:53 EDT 2016

The standard method on GitHub to submit patches to a project is by using 
a pull request. General documentation on the subject can be found here:


You can find a list of the pull requests for Trilinos awaiting 
processing here:


Individual projects often have an additional set of requirements before 
they will consider incorporating the code patches contained in a pull 
request. I did not see a specific set of guidelines for Trilinos, but it 
won't hurt to familiarize yourself with the project policies:


Carlos Reyes
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On 08/25/2016 10:07 AM, Roberts, Nathan V. wrote:
> Hello all,
> Before the transition to the GitHub repo, there was a documented process for submitting patches.  A couple patches I submitted this way seem to have gotten lost in the transition.  So, I'd like to resubmit these, as well as a couple new ones.
> Is the process for submitting patches to the GitHub repo documented somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Nate
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