[Trilinos-Users] Thyra Linear Operator: Define operators with different types input/output

Einar Otnes eotnes at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 13:44:59 MDT 2012

Thank you for this. This sounds reasonable. 

I gather that I will have to implement the deprecated function applyTranspose(...)  as well to make the distinction between the different types being input to apply(...) and applyTranspose(....)?


On Mar 12, 2012, at 6:09 PM, Bartlett, Roscoe A. wrote:

> Einar,
> We removed the ability to support mixed scalar types because it massively complicated the software with no real value (at least not in the last 6 years or so).  If you need to support mixed scales types (i.e. real domain and complex range), you can do that by creating your own dual-templated linear operator interface.  If you just copy and paste the files Thyra_LinearOpBase*pp you should be able to create a double-templated interface pretty fast and then create your own concrete subclass.  We may add an extended interface for a dual-templated Thyra Linear Operator interface but we need to have one of our major driving customers that requires this.  There is actually a bit of software in Thyra (both interfaces and some concrete implementations) to help support translating between vectors and multi-vectors of different scalar types that could be used to help implement such software.
> Does this sound reasonable?
> -Ross
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>> Dear expert,
>> A rather basic question: How would you define an operator in Thyra that
>> brings you from a domain with one type to a range with a different type, e.g.
>> a real to complex Fourier transform?
>> I've found some examples of this for earlier versions of Trilinos where you
>> could provide more than one template parameter in
>> Thyra::LinearOpBaseWithSolver. With the latest releases, this is not possible
>> any longer as there is only one template parameter for the linear operators.
>> Any advice?
>> Thanks,
>> Einar
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