[Trilinos-Users] Trilinos question

Cesar Fernandez Casanova ceferca at cam.upv.es
Fri Jun 22 08:09:11 MDT 2012

Dear people,

I am trying to compute the typical eigenvalue problem  det( K   -   s * M )   =    0, with  FECrsMatrix K and M.
where K is the stiffness matrix and M the mass matrix.

I am wondering if you could give an example code to make this computation of this exact problem.
I have been looking the looking the Anasazi examples, but I din't find any similar.
The Housholder algorithm would also ok.

Can you explain me how to work with Arpack? I have copied the Arpack_Operators.hpp  & MyMultivector.hpp in the include folder but I get some errors.
Is there any procedure?


Cesar Fernandez.

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