[Trilinos-Users] Sundance and Tpetra

Baker, Christopher G. bakercg at ornl.gov
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Tpetra/ML is forthcoming. I talk with Roger Pawlowski regularly about Tpetra/NOX; it is simply a matter of doing it. In fact, it would probably come via Tpetra/Thyra and Thyra/Tpetra.


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Hi Gennady & Chris,

Sundance talks to the rest of Trilinos through Playa. To use TPetra vectors 
and operators, it would be a matter of writing a pair of (rather simple) 
adapter classes to wrap Tpetra objects in Playa interface. Alternatively, I 
could simply write a Playa-Thyra adapter and use Thyra's TPetra adapters.

One question for you, Chris: what is the state of solvers and preconditioners 
for use with TPetra? I figure someone has written a TPetra/Belos adapter. 
What is the state of tamesos and tifpack? Is there any variant of ML for use 
with TPetra? How about NOX? (NOX might not be a worry anyway, as I have a 
student implementing nonlinear solvers in Playa).


On Sunday 15 May 2011 11:10:01 am Baker, Christopher G. wrote:
> I don't know. Kevin, what does Sundance use, Epetra or Thyra? If it is
> Thyra, then it may be possible to support Tpetra in Sundance.
> Chris
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> Hi all,
> Is it possible to use Tpetra with Sundance and so leverage the use of CUDA?
> Gennadiy
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