[Trilinos-Users] Shared libraries on Windows platforms

Charles Boivin charles.boivin at mayahtt.com
Thu Jul 7 19:07:01 MDT 2011


I have another Windows-related question.

I am trying to do perform a shared library build on win64, and am having difficulties. I have been able to generate a static build, but would like shared libraries.

I saw that both Epetra and Teuchos have the necessary DLL import/export macros for their classes (see EPETRA_LIB_DLL_EXPORT in Epetra, for example). However, for other modules I am trying to compile (specifically: AztecOO, Ifpack, ML), these macros do not exist and hence no .lib file ever gets generated (because there is nothing to export).

Are there any plans to support shared libraries for Windows platforms for the packages mentioned above?

If not, could someone suggest what the procedure should be to accomplish this task? In particular,  I see that the above macro for Epetra is defined in Epetra_DLLExportMacro.h, (which is then inserted into Epetra_ConfigDefs.h); however, this is not a distributed file. I guess CMake generates it? Could someone indicate how this happens / where to look to understand this?

Thank you in advance,

Charles Boivin 

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