[Trilinos-Users] Basic program running error

Willenbring, James M jmwille at sandia.gov
Tue Apr 5 22:51:23 MDT 2011

I suspect what you are seeing here is that libpiro.so is included in your build tree in a path that is not included in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Since you installed Trilinos to /usr/local/, your libraries will be in /usr/local/lib, which is searched by default for shared libraries.  Since the libraries are located in each package in the build tree, it is cleaner to just use your installed version of Trilinos, rather than pointing to each library individually with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  If you would prefer not to install in a system location, you could set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to an installation location, and then add <installation_location>/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you prefer.

I do not recommend building applications against a Trilinos build tree.  Installing Trilinos and linking against the installed version is less problematic and generally cleaner.


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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have built trilinos package in "/home2/trilinos-10.6.3-Source/build" directory.  When i was tried to run example epetra program in "Makefile", i inclued that path as build directory "include $ /home2/trilinos-10.6.3-Source/build/include/Makefile.export.Trilinos".  But it's showing error as

root at narendiran:/home2/program/Trilinos/test/epetra/ex1# ls
libmyappLib.a  main.cpp  main.o  Makefile  MyApp.exe
root at narendiran:/home2/program/Trilinos/test/epetra/ex1# ./MyApp.exe
./MyApp.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libpiro.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
root at narendiran:/home2/program/Trilinos/test/epetra/ex1#

Instant of that include directory, i replaced with this path "include $ /usr/local/include/Makefile.export.Trilinos".  It is working.

Is it right way to do this.

K. Narendiran

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