[Trilinos-Users] linking on Windows

Chris Jackson chris.jackson at mayahtt.com
Mon Oct 19 15:07:49 MDT 2009

OK, I successfully built the libraries I need in 10.0.0 using MSVS.  That went really smoothly.  Now I am trying to link to my application and I'm getting name resolution errors to the LAPACK library functions.  Before I tackle that I have a question...

In the process of getting started I generated BOTH a LAPACK/BLAS library compiled with Intel Fortran, AND the "CLAPACK" library as detailed in cmake/README.windows.  Is the former useless to me?  Should I only try to link to the CLAPACK library?

And, a question about this... has anyone compared the performance of CLAPACK with that of the Fortran versions?


Chris Jackson
MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies

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