[Trilinos-Users] [Trilinos-Help] hdf5/trilinos/openmpi symbol collision in shared only?

James Willenbring jmwille at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 16 08:48:11 MDT 2009


Has anyone run into a problem like John is seeing before?



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Subject: [Trilinos-Help] hdf5/trilinos/openmpi symbol collision in shared

I recently installed openmpi-1.3 and rebuilt trilinos
against it on 64 bit Linux (FC9) box.

I also built parallel hdf5 against openmpi-1.3.

Now  when I run my application, I see

Dumping universe at clock time Fri Mar 13 13:50:15.097 2009
[octet:13728] *** Process received signal ***
[octet:13728] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[octet:13728] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[octet:13728] Failing at address: 0xfffffffffffffff0
[octet:13728] [ 0] /lib64/libpthread.so.0 [0x35cb40ed30]
[octet:13728] [ 1]
/home/research/cary/projects/vorpal/parallel/vorpal/vorpal [0x2e3f962]
[octet:13728] [ 2] /usr/local/trilinos-9.0.2-openmpi-1.3/lib/libteuchos.so
[octet:13728] [ 3]
[octet:13728] [ 4]
[octet:13728] [ 5]
I_File_open+0x223) [0x7fccb451d403]
[octet:13728] [ 6]
ect+0x2b7) [0x7fccb44efeb7]
[octet:13728] [ 7]
/home/research/cary/projects/vorpal/parallel/vorpal/vorpal [0x2e3ed6e]
[octet:13728] [ 8]
79) [0x2e3c7f9]
[octet:13728] [ 9]
/home/research/cary/projects/vorpal/parallel/vorpal/vorpal [0x2cc67e7]
[octet:13728] [10]

which makes it appear as though my hdf5 calls in the application
are routing through a romio call that got embedded in libteuchos.

If I rebuild trilinos with "--disable-shared --enable-static",
this problem goes away.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

Thx......John Cary

Physics, UCB390, U. Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309
cary at colorado.edu, p 303-492-1489, f 303-492-0642, NEW CELL 303-881-8572

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