[Trilinos-Users] Trilinos under Cygwin using Microsoft and Intel compilers

Dan Erik Petersen danerik at diku.dk
Tue Mar 10 07:58:50 MDT 2009

Hi all -

I recall that Tom Kacvinsky wrote in recently with the trouble of  
building ML on Windows where the GNU tool chain was not a possibility  
(which is our case also, at least in terms of compilers).

We also are interested in building Trilinos using Microsoft compilers  
for C/C++ using Visual Studio (e.g. 2008 Express) and the Intel Visual  
Fortran Compiler (e.g. Professional Edition 11.0). The Intel C/C++  
compiler could optionally also be used instead of the MS Visual Studio  

Is there any further word on this or does anyone have a formula for  
gettings things up and running?

You have mentioned that support for CMake will be forthcoming in the  
next major release of Trilinos. We also use CMake in our build system,  
and are eager to get Trilinos up and running under Windows using the  
previously mentioned compilers. I have not had any luck in using the  
existing CMake build system in the released version of Trilinos 9.0.1.


Dan Erik Petersen

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