[Trilinos-Users] int, Thyra::Ordinal: Thyra::create_Comm, Teuchos::Comm incompatibility?

Nico Schlömer nico.schloemer at ua.ac.be
Tue Dec 8 11:24:39 MST 2009


thanks for the quick help!

I've now hardcoded the communicators to <int> in my code as well, and 
instantiated the Teuchos::Comm with the function that you suggested. 
While being a workaround, it works nicely here.


On 08/12/09 17:26, Baker, Christopher G. wrote:
> Hello all.
> The ordinal type of a Teuchos::Comm specifies the length of messages that can be passed; specifically, the local size of a receive, send,  We didn't want to specify Comm ordinals as a template parameter to Tpetra, so all Tpetra objects were hardcoded to take a Comm<int>. It may be that it should have been set to size_t or some configure-time type instead; this issue should be revisited. In the meantime, I'm not concerned, as the underlying MPI interface for most (all?) of our Comm implementations defines this as an int.
> In the short term, the easiest thing for you may be to steal the body of the Thyra::create_Comm() and rewrite it to encapsulate the communicator in a Teuchos::Comm<int>, like the create_CommInt() method that I have included below. (Note, if you know you are in an MPI environment, you can ignore the SerialComm section. The set_extra_data bit references the Epetra_Comm object to that it isn't deleted until after the newly-created Teuchos::Comm is deleted; that bit may not be necessary either).
> Teuchos::RCP<const Teuchos::Comm<int>  >
> create_CommInt( const RCP<const Epetra_Comm>  &epetraComm )
> {
>    using Teuchos::RCP;
>    using Teuchos::rcp;
>    using Teuchos::rcp_dynamic_cast;
>    using Teuchos::set_extra_data;
>    RCP<const Epetra_SerialComm>
>      serialEpetraComm = rcp_dynamic_cast<const Epetra_SerialComm>(epetraComm);
>    if( serialEpetraComm.get() ) {
>      RCP<const Teuchos::SerialComm<int>  >
>        serialComm = rcp(new Teuchos::SerialComm<int>());
>      set_extra_data( serialEpetraComm, "serialEpetraComm", Teuchos::inOutArg(serialComm) );
>      return serialComm;
>    }
> #ifdef HAVE_MPI
>    RCP<const Epetra_MpiComm>
>      mpiEpetraComm = rcp_dynamic_cast<const Epetra_MpiComm>(epetraComm);
>    if( mpiEpetraComm.get() ) {
>      RCP<const Teuchos::OpaqueWrapper<MPI_Comm>  >
>        rawMpiComm = Teuchos::opaqueWrapper(mpiEpetraComm->Comm());
>      set_extra_data( mpiEpetraComm, "mpiEpetraComm", Teuchos::inOutArg(rawMpiComm) );
>      RCP<const Teuchos::MpiComm<int>  >
>        mpiComm = rcp(new Teuchos::MpiComm<int>(rawMpiComm));
>      return mpiComm;
>    }
> #endif // HAVE_MPI
>    // If you get here then the failed!
>    return Teuchos::null;
> }
> Another possibity would be to add functionality to Teuchos to allow a Comm to return an equivalent Comm bound to a different Ordinal type.
>   Chris
> On 12/8/09 10:49 AM, "Nico Schlömer"<nico.schloemer at ua.ac.be>  wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm bumping into problems here on a machine where Thyra::Ordinal is "long int" instead of the (regular?) "int".
> I'm specifically creating a Teuchos::Comm via Thyra::create_Comm, and get a Teuchos::Comm<long int>. I'm unsuccessful in instantiating a Tpetra::Map<long int>  with this communicator, which is because the none of the Tpetra::Map is templated in it's Teuchos::Comm argument, but instead demand a Teuchos::Comm<int>.
> Would it possibly make sense to change this for GlobalOrdinal, or is there another way for creating a Tpetra::Map out of a Thyra::create_Comm?
> Cheers,
> Nico

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