[Trilinos-Users] NOX - "Tensor based", ForTrilinos

Brett W. Bader bwbader at sandia.gov
Mon Apr 20 12:14:57 MDT 2009


I can only respond to your first question...

It has been some time since I worked with the NOX Tensor based solver  
and even longer since working with TENSOLVE package in FORTRAN.  I  
think some convergence parameters can be set the same, but others are  
not compatible because the two packages employ fundamentally different  
algorithms.  One is a large-scale iterative solve (inexact), the other  
is a direct solver.  If you provide more specific information about  
parameters you are interested in, then I might be able to help further.

Best regards,
Brett Bader

On Apr 20, 2009, at 4:40 AM, Matthias Hofmann wrote:

> Hello,
> is it possible to set parameters of the NOX-Tensor based solver in  
> that
> way that they are equal to the TENSOLVE-package?
> And is it possible to call NOX from fortran-files? I tried  
> ForTrilinos,
> but I don't understand how to setup and call the solver.
> To this end it would be helpful if someone can provide me a template.
> Thanks,
> Matthias
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