[Trilinos-Users] problem with LOCA/Anasazi exception

Jonas Thies jonas at math.rug.nl
Tue Apr 29 08:45:37 MDT 2008

hi all,

can anyone give me a hint what may cause the following output, or how I 
can further investigate this. It occurs after the first continuation 
step, when LOCA tries to compute eigenvalues using Anasazi:

Error! Caught exception in BlockKrylovSchur::iterate() at iteration 1
ERROR: 0032-306 Unclosed files when finalizing  MPI_Finalize, task 0
ERROR: 0032-151 MPI is already finalized  in MPI_File_write_at, task 0

I've been running LOCA for some time now but never really tried to 
compute any Eigenvalues using the Anasazi interface. Now I turned it on, 
and it doesn't work, as you can see. I'm trying to use a 
Cayley-transform, I passed a pointer to a 
'LOCA::Epetra::Interface::TimeDependent' object to the Group. The 
shifted linear system (LinearSystemAztecOO) has received a pointer to 
the same matrix and scaling object, and in this run I simply used an 
"New Ifpack" preconditioner. The above run is sequential.

thank you very much,

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