[Trilinos-Users] How to turn on timing for ML

Jonathan Hu jhu at sandia.gov
Mon Apr 14 12:32:33 MDT 2008

Dear Fang,

     If you set the ML verbosity level to 6 or higher, then a summary of 
construction and apply time will print from pid 0 when the ML 
preconditioner is destroyed.  The parameter to control ML verbosity is 
"ML output".  You can also get the timing info in a parameter list via 
the MultiLevelPreconditioner method GetOutputList():

  MultiLevelPreconditioner* MLPrec;
  //set up the preconditioner & solve
  ParameterList pl = MLPrec->GetOutputList();
  pl.print(cout);  // print it to screen

If you require very detailed timing, then reconfigure ML with the option 
"--enable-ml_timing", rebuild, and use a verbosity level of 11.


>    1. How to turn on timing for ML (Fang Liu)
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> Dear Sir,
> I am wondering if there is a way to turn on the timing routines
> for ML package, and I did modify the
> ml/configure.ac file
> TAC_ARG_ENABLE_OPTION(ml_timing, [Enable timing routines], ML_TIMING,
> no)
> to
> TAC_ARG_ENABLE_OPTION(ml_timing, [Enable timing routines], ML_TIMING,
> yes)
> and reconfigure the trilinos package, but timing still doesn't
> show up.
> Did I missing anything?
> The second question is if trilinos has a extended way to allow
> adding user specified timing calling routines.
> Thanks
> - Fang (Cherry) Liu

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