[Trilinos-Users] Thyra::ModelEvaluator and NOX

Marco Morandini morandini at aero.polimi.it
Mon Sep 10 05:08:42 MDT 2007

We're interested in using NOX/LOCA in a non-linear finite-element 
research code.

Reading from


I see that the Thyra::ModelEvaluator< Scalar > is a "stateless" model.
Does this mean that NOX will call it with
arbitrary values of the independent variable x, regardless of
any previous evaluation?

I'm asking this because, in our model, the problem state
variables are updated in an incremental and nonlinear way
(the nonlinear nature of the update is fundamental)
from a previously known configuration.
For this reason, at each nonlinear iteration
we need, in order to perform the internal update,
a (reasonably small) increment
of the unknown variables from a previously
known configuration.

So the question is: do you think it is possible to
use NOX with this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance,

Marco Morandini

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