[Trilinos-Users] porting loca applications to thyra

Jonas Thies jonas at math.rug.nl
Thu Sep 6 09:07:33 MDT 2007


I am trying to port my code to release 8.0.1, in particular am I trying 
to replace the 'NOX_Epetra_LinearSystem_AztecOO' by something more 
stylish, say a "Thyra_DefaultLinearOpWithSolverFactoryBase". I would 
like to use LOCA with Belos as linear solver in the NOX solve, but I 
also need
- User-defined scaling, available as an Epetra_Vector object
- a User-defined preconditioner, available as an Epetra_Operator.

I used to pass those to the LinearSystem_AztecOO object, where can I put 
them now?

thanks, best regards

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