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James Willenbring jmwille@sandia.gov
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Thank you for your interest in Trilinos.  We plan to release all three of
the packages that you are interested in.  Unfortunately, Anasazi and Meros
are not slated to be released in our next outside release.  In addition,
while much of Amesos is slated for release, I am not sure if the Mumps
interface is part of the functionality that is to be released this time.

Ken - Do you plan to release the Mumps interface in the next release?

There is a good chance that all of the packages that you are looking for
will go out in the release after next.  The timing of that release has not
yet been discussed, but we can estimate that the release will occur sometime
around late November.

If you have any further questions, please reply to the list.


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I have quite successfully been integrating Trilinos (i.e. Epetra and AztecOO
so far) into our FE code. It works very well and seems very promising.

But I am really interested in some more advanced packages of Trilinos.
These are especially
- Amesos (as an interface to Mumps)
- Anasazi
- Meros

Therefore I would like to know if these packages are only in a too early
development state to be released or if their code is export-controlled and
they won't be released in near future.

Thanks a lot for your answer.



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