[Trilinos-Announce] TUG 2022

Ober, Curtis C ccober at sandia.gov
Mon Sep 12 16:18:18 MST 2022

Hi all,

We have constructed the initial TUG 2022 (https://trilinos.github.io/trilinos_user-developer_group_meeting_2022.html), so please visit it for information about this Trilinos meeting.

There is no registration fee for attendance; however, registration is required for reporting purposes.  Registration may be submitted through October 25, 2022. Please send the completed registration form to Phyllis Rutka (mailto:parutka at sandia.gov).  After registration is received, you will receive an invite for the meetings.  Please do not forward the invites as registration is needed to attend.

Additionally, we are putting together the agenda for TUG 2022 and wanted to solicit presentations and discussion topics from the Trilinos community.  If you would like to present or suggest topics for discussion, please send them to Phyllis or one of the Trilinos leadership team (see below).

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Phyllis Rutka – TUG Coordinator
Mike Heroux – Trilinos Lead
Curt Ober – Product Manager, Framework
Roger Pawlowski – Nonlinear Analysis
Mauro Perego – Discretizations
Siva Rajamanickam – Linear Solvers
Jim Willenbring – Software Sustainability
Michael Wolf – Trilinos Manager

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