[Trilinos-Announce] PyTrilinos Tutorial

Bill Spotz wfspotz at sandia.gov
Thu Aug 31 10:01:00 MDT 2006

Trilinos Users/Developers,

Several of you have expressed interest in either using or helping to  
develop the python interface to Trilinos.  I am of the opinion that  
just another talk at the Trilinos Users Group meeting might be  
insufficient to make this happen and would prefer to lead a hands-on  
tutorial.  Mike has agreed to set aside time, possibly as a parallel  
session, during the TUG for a PyTrilinos Tutorial.

If you would be interested in attending such a tutorial, please  
respond to me (wfspotz at sandia.gov -- please do not respond to  
Trilinos-Announce) and let me know.  The number of people who express  
interest will determine how we proceed.

Topics would include:

     * Building and installing PyTrilinos
     * Obtaining documentation and help
     * Special focus on the Epetra module
     * The numpy module (numerical python) and Epetra compatibility
     * Solving systems of equations
     * For developers I could include:
         o Extending existing PyTrilinos modules
         o Python unit testing tools
         o Wrapping a package from scratch

For those in Albuquerque who might be interested but do not know  
python, I could organize another Python Tutorial in advance.  I have  
already done this for several Trilinos developers.  Let me know in  
your response.


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