[Trilinos-Announce] Trilinos User Group meeting First Announcement

Mike Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Fri Aug 25 09:54:45 MDT 2006


We will be hosting the 4th annual Trilinos User Group Meeting on November
7-8, followed by a Developer Day on November 9.  Here are some highlights:

Location and date:

What: 	4th Annual Trilinos User Group Meeting
When: 	November 7-9, 2006
Where: 	Computer Science Research Institute (new facility)
		Sandia National Laboratories
		Albuquerque, NM

Some highlights:

- Trilinos presentations will be a mix of tutorials, in-depth presentations
on new packages and "what's new" in more mature areas.

- In addition, we will have presentations on Star-P, an new product from
that uses a Matlab front-end to drive parallel computations.  Parts of
Trilinos are available via Star-P.  (See
http://www.interactivesupercomputing.com for details on Star-P.)

How to attend:

- If you are Sandia employee: You may attend one or more presentations
without prior arrangement.
- If you are not:  Please send a note to:
	- Trilinos-Help ( mailto:trilinos-help at software.sandia.gov )
	- Or Mike Heroux( mailto:maherou at sandia.gov )
	- Or to a Trilinos developer, if you are working with someone on the

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