[Trilinos-Announce] Upcoming Trilinos Events

Michael A Heroux maherou at sandia.gov
Mon Oct 4 17:09:40 MDT 2004


I want to bring to your attention two events that might be of interest:

Trilinos User Group (TUG2004) Albuquerque, NM, November 2-4, 2004

We are hosting our second annual Trilinos User Group meeting at Sandia in
Albuquerque, NM.  The purpose of this meeting is to promote interaction
among Trilinos clients, users and developers.  We will have a series of
talks, providing overviews of Trilinos packages, updates on the latest
features and tutorials on some packages.  The program will be posted in the
near future.

TUG is primarily intended for Sandia staff and Sandia collaborators, but
attendance by other participants is a possibility.  If you are interested in
attending, please reply directly to me, Mike Heroux (maherou at sandia.gov).
More information about TUG2004 is at:


Trilinos Short Course (SIAM CSE '05) Orlando, FL, February 11, 2005

In conjunction with the SIAM Computational Science and Engineering
Conference, being held February 11-15, 2005, we will present a Trilinos
Short Course.  This short course will be tutorial in nature.  This course is
especially intended for the general public.  Registration is required.  More
information will be available soon at the CSE '05 website:


Best regards,


Michael Heroux
Sandia National Laboratories
(320) 845-7695
maherou at sandia.gov

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