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ForTrilinos provides object-oriented Fortran interfaces to Trilinos C++ packages. Please use the menu bar on the left of this page to learn more about ForTrilinos.


The ForTrilinos project emphasizes portability, robustness, and scalable development. Portability results from standards conformance. In particular, ForTrilinos exploits the C interoperability features of the Fortran 2003 standard to interact with other Trilinos packages through the CTrilinos package. This approach provides platform-independent type safety and procedure name resolution using language constructs supported by the recent releases of all ten Fortran compilers surveyed. Robustness results in part from a Fortran implementation of runtime assertions and in part by embedding an automated memory management architecture into each ForTrilinos object. Scalable development results from automating the most labor-intensive portions of the interface development effort.

ForTrilinos currently wraps portions of Epetra, Pliris, and AztecOO. The development of ForTrilinos is primarily user-driven, so new interfaces are developed at the request of Trilinos users.