[Trilinos-Users] EpetraVector, BlockMap, GID and LID

Amstad Patrick pamstad at student.ethz.ch
Sun May 12 06:41:18 EDT 2019

Hi everbody

I think I have a general problem with the understanding of BlockMaps, and EpetraVector and my last hope is this mailing list. My Goal is (as a simplified example):

  *   Let's assume I have a beam, discretised in a way that it has six nodes. Each node has two degrees of freedom (DOF); one in the x-direction and anotherone in the y-direction (I assume a cartesian coordinate system)

  *   My goal is now, that I can specify for each node a desired displacement. So let's say I want to displace node 3 by one unit in the x-direction and by 0.5 units in the y-direction. This information, by how much each node gets displaced, I want to store in the EpetraVector and want to access it later.
  *   My Problem is now; I have no idea how I can access these individual DOF from the BlockMap; any idea?

How do I get these informations from the BlockMap and how can fill my EpetraVector? A code snippet below, how I wanted to do this:

         // Create P1 VectorEpetra
        VectorEpetra p1PositionVector (p1dFESpace.map());

        Int p1nCompLocalDof = p1PositionVector.epetraVector().MyLength() / 3; //My Length returns length of EpetraVector on calling processor
        for (int j (0); j < p1nCompLocalDof; j++)
            UInt iGID = p1PositionVector.blockMap().GID (j);
            UInt jGID = p1PositionVector.blockMap().GID (j + p1nCompLocalDof);
            UInt kGID = p1PositionVector.blockMap().GID (j + 2 * p1nCompLocalDof);

            p1PositionVector[iGID] = 1.0 ;
            p1PositionVector[jGID] = 0.5 ; //Here I want to specify the displacements of the nodes; for example displacement of 1.0 in x-direction; 0.5 in y-direction
            p1PositionVector[kGID] = 0.0 ;

The result I get from this, is that for example node 5 instead of node 3 gets the displacement specified; so I have problems to access specific nodes.

Thanks for an answer.

Best regards
Patrick Amstad

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