[Trilinos-Users] MueLu stucks with subcommunicators

Frey Matthias (PSI) matthias.frey at psi.ch
Mon Mar 4 16:33:15 EST 2019

Hi Jonathan

With the master branch it seems to work. :) I will test tomorrow more intensively and let you know. However, I'd like to use a normal release, thus, I might try with 12.14.1.


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Betreff: Re: [Trilinos-Users] MueLu stucks with subcommunicators

Hi Matthias,

    Could you try MueLu from the master branch on github? Release 12.10.1 is fairly old.


Frey Matthias (PSI) wrote on 03/04/2019 12:05 PM:

I use Tpetra and MueLu in a rather larger project where MueLu is used to solve Ax=b. It runs fine in 'normal' parallel execution. However, when I want to run several instances (e.g. when I use a genetic algorithm for optimization) by splitting the communicator MueLu gets stuck in the SetupHierarchy call. I checked the communicators and they are fine.

Has anyone experienced the same?

I'm using Trilinos release 12.10.1


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