[Trilinos-Users] Ghost cell (halo) exchange with Tpetra vectors

Aditya Kashi aditya.kashi at mail.mcgill.ca
Sat Jun 22 23:16:34 EDT 2019


I'm working on an unstructured-grid finite volume code. I've been looking at the Tpetra examples, and examples 5 (redistribution) and 6 (custom operator) seem to imply that it's necessary to allocate two separate vectors for a halo exchange. Is that necessary?

I need something like PETSc's ghosted Vecs where the vector is allocated with extra locations for the halo cells but can expose a non-ghosted view to solvers.

If someone could point me to the way this is expected to be done with Tpetra, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Aditya Kashi
McGill University
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