[Trilinos-Users] MueLu with Tpetra::BlockCrsMatrix

Drumm, Clif crdrumm at sandia.gov
Wed Dec 4 09:55:22 MST 2019

I have been unable to create a Tpetra Preconditioner for MueLu using a Tpetra::BlockCrsMatrix. I've followed the example

BlockCrs.cpp in the muelu examples folder

RCP<Tpetra_BlockCrsMatrix> Ablock = rcp(new Tpetra_BlockCrsMatrix(crsGraph, 2)

  fill Ablock with sumIntoLocalValues(...)

RCP<Xpetra_CrsMatrix> Axt = rcp(new Xpetra_TpetraBlockCrsMatrix(Ablock));

RCP<Xpetra_Matrix> A = rcp(new Xpetra_CrsMatrixWrap(Axt));

RCP<Tpetra_Operator>    At = MueLu::Utilities<Scalar,LocalOrdinal,GlobalOrdinal,Node>::Op2NonConstTpetraRow(A);
RCP<Tpetra_Operator>    Mt = MueLu::CreateTpetraPreconditioner(At,MueLuList);

The error that I am getting is:

Setup Smoother (MueLu::Amesos2Smoother{type = Klu})
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'MueLu::Exceptions::BadCast'
  what():  Cast from Xpetra::CrsMatrix to Xpetra::TpetraCrsMatrix failed

I'm using version 12.18.1

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Clif Drumm

Radiation Effects Theory Dept 01341

Sandia National Labs
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