[Trilinos-Users] upgrading minimum required version of CMake for Trilinos

Willenbring, James M jmwille at sandia.gov
Tue Jul 24 16:44:17 EDT 2018


We are planning to increase the required minimum version of CMake for building Trilinos to 3.10 on or after August 14th.

There are several reasons to update to 3.10, multiple having to do with performance, one to avoid an error, and the newer version also supports the newer single configure, build, test CDash submissions that make building Trilinos for nightly testing much faster. In addition, the increase to 3.10 will allow some TriBITS refactoring to be done to take advantage of some functionality now available in CMake that TriBITS has done itself to this point.

A more comprehensive discussion of the benefits and further information can be found in issue 1761:


If you anticipate significant difficulties due to this version increase, please contact the Framework team by mentioning @trilinos/framework in the GitHub issue linked above. CMake version 3.10.3 is available for Linux and Mac on the NFS Mount at Sandia. CMake can also be downloaded and installed from the CMake website:


If you are upgrading your version of CMake, we recommend going to the latest version, which is currently 3.12.0.


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