[Trilinos-Users] Vim Plugins?

Prokopenko, Andrey V. prokopenkoav at ornl.gov
Thu Jan 25 13:48:11 EST 2018

Hi Jason,

I used youcompleteme with a limited success. I put in some hooks in 
Trilinos to work with a specific package (MueLu) in 
cmake/.ycm_extra_conf.py.in. You can try those out with 
|-DTrilinos_ENABLE_YouCompleteMe=ON|. You may also need to add some 
CMake option to export compilation commands.

However, this is not a perfect solution, and may not work with other 
packages. Would certainly love to have a more robust solution.


On 1/25/18 1:25 PM, Gates, Jason Matthew wrote:

> Hello Trilinos users,
> Has anyone had any luck getting any vim plugins that require parsing 
> of the code (for instance, syntastic 
> <https://vimawesome.com/plugin/syntastic> or youcompleteme 
> <https://vimawesome.com/plugin/youcompleteme>) to work with Trilinos? 
> They seem to get confused by the way we use |_decl| and |_impl| files, 
> and don't seem to be able to find |#include| files from outside the 
> package you're currently looking at. I'm sure there must be 
> configuration options to change to get things working—I just haven't 
> had any luck yet.
> Many thanks,
> Jason M. Gates
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