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Fuller, Timothy Jesse tjfulle at sandia.gov
Sun Apr 22 23:49:14 EDT 2018

Are you sure you are trying to compile the 12.12 release? The error you copied is similar to the error described in https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos/issues/2574.  That error was manifest when building with ETI off.  It has been fixed in the develop branch.


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On Apr 21, 2018, at 2:18 PM, Markus Schmuck <ms713 at hw.ac.uk<mailto:ms713 at hw.ac.uk>> wrote:

Good afternoon,

I am currently trying to install trilinos (Trilinos Release 12.12) on my Unbuntu 16.04 laptop.
At 77% I get the following error

~/trilinos_source/Trilinos/packages/tpetra/core/src/Tpetra_Import_Util2.hpp:336:30: error: wrong number of template arguments (0, should be 4)
   typedef typename CrsMatrix<>::impl_scalar_type scalar_type;

where I unsuccessfully tried to add the following arguments

CrsMatrix<Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node>

above. After looking some time for suitable arguments, I have given up.

Thank you very much in advance for your help,
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