[Trilinos-Users] How to get number of iterations from Belos::Epetra_Operator?

Andris Freimanis andris.freimanis_1 at rtu.lv
Mon Sep 25 08:24:33 EDT 2017


I'm computing eigenvalues using shift-invert transformation that is 
solved by Belos iterative solver. Inner solver is passed to eigensolver 
as an Epetra_Operator, just like in Anasazi examples.

I need to see how different preconditioners change the number of linear 
solver's iterations. Belos::SolverManager has getNumIters() method with 
which I could use to get the total number of iterations, however I can't 
access the solver object, because it is inside Epetra_Operator. 
Belos_EpetraOperator.hpp file shows that the solver object is a private 
member of Belos::Epetra_Operator.

Is there some other way in which I could get the number of linear 
solver's iterations?

Best regards,
Andris Freimanis

Andris Freimanis
PhD student

Riga Technical university
Institute of transporation

Ķīpsalas iela 6a, Riga, Latvia, LV1048

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