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Bartlett, Roscoe A rabartl at sandia.gov
Fri Oct 20 08:22:01 EDT 2017


Sorry for the trouble you are having.  I looks like MOOCHO is not building with more currently C++11 compilers.  But it looks like an easy fix.  If you are willing to take  a crack at a patch, we would include it the MOOCHO git repo.

It looks like this was not caught before the release because MOOCHO is not being included in automated testing.  I have raised this as an issue in:


to see if we can get this resolved.



Dr. Roscoe A. Bartlett, PhD
Sandia National Laboratories

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I build Trilinos with the options as in the attachement.
It appears such an error as below.
Could you give a hint ?
best regards,

/home/ewpostek/Tri2/trilinos-12.12.1-Source/packages/moocho/src/MoochoPack/configurations/MamaJama/MoochoPack_NLPAlgoConfigMamaJama.cpp:1922:1:   required from here
/home/ewpostek/Tri2/trilinos-12.12.1-Source/packages/teuchos/core/src/Teuchos_RCPDecl.hpp:985:33: warning: deleting object of polymorphic class type 'MoochoPack::CheckConvergenceStd_Strategy' which has non-virtual destructor might cause undefined behaviour [-Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor]
   void free( T* ptr ) { if(ptr) delete ptr; }
[ 57%] Linking CXX static library libmoocho.a
[ 57%] Built target moocho
make: *** [all] Error 2
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