[Trilinos-Users] is Epetra_SerialComm threadsafe?

Heroux, Michael A maherou at sandia.gov
Tue Jul 11 13:15:11 EDT 2017

It is probably not.  It was written before thread safety was a major issue and has not been updated since.  It is probably not too far from being thread safe, but has never been scrutinized from that perspective.


On 7/11/17, 4:58 AM, "Trilinos-Users on behalf of Joachim Wuttke" <trilinos-users-bounces at trilinos.org on behalf of j.wuttke at fz-juelich.de> wrote:

    I need to run a long loop over differently parameterized linear problems.
    Instead of parallelizing the linear solver, I intend to parallelize the
    outer loop by running solvers in standard threads. This will only work
    if Epetra_SerialComm is threadsafe. Is this the case?
    - Joachim

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