[Trilinos-Users] About the GCRODR solver in Belos

Wen Yan wenyan4work at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 11:35:31 EST 2017

Dear Trilinos,

I am curious about a scenario of the recycled Krylov method GCRODR in
Belos. If I need to solve about 20 linear systems successively:

A x0 = b
A x1 = x0
A x2 = x1
A x20 = x19

where A and b are known, and an effective preconditioner for A is
available. A is not symmetric, and not necessarily positive-definite. x0 to
x20 are to be solved. Simple GMRES in Belos works fine for me in this case,
takes about 10~20 iterations per equation.

For this scenario is GCRODR a possible improvement over simple GMRES?

Thank you,
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