[Trilinos-Users] FillComplete Performance

Frey Matthias (PSI) matthias.frey at psi.ch
Mon Dec 11 03:46:04 EST 2017


I have a question regarding the Tpetra::CrsMatrix::fillComplete.

I implemented a geometric multigrid algorithm that requires a couple of matrices ( > 10). The matrices are built using the
Tpetra::CrsMatrix::insertGlobalValues function, thus, I do not use a previously constructed graph.

I observed that the fillComplete takes 2 / 3 of the overall building time.

In the documentation of Tpetra it's written that the construction via a graph is the most efficient way. Does this affect the performance of the fillComplete method? I have some concerns going through the 3D grid twice.

I've already tested a really simple matrix build with and without a graph and I didn't see a performance gain.

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