[Trilinos-Users] Performance comparison between native C++ and Julia wrappers

Bart Janssens bart at bartjanssens.org
Wed Apr 26 11:17:56 EDT 2017

Hi all,

To check the performance of my Julia wrappers for Trilinos, I have added an
example that assembles a linear system for the 2D Poisson problem, with
analytical solution (1-x^2)*(1-y^2). Results seem to indicate that the
performance is on the same level, so at this point I would like to
double-check that the comparison is fair, i.e. does my example follow best
practices for a Tpetra-based linear system assembly and not distort results

The C++ code:

The Julia version:

In case someone wants to test the Julia version, the installation
instructions are here:
and Julia can be downloaded from:

For the solution itself I still use Thyra here, but I intend to rewrite
that part to use Belos directly and of course add preconditioner options.
The comparison for the solution time is not really important, since the
function call overhead will always be negligible compared to the solution
time. So for now I'm mostly interested in making sure the method for the
system assembly is sane.

Kind regards,

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