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Tue Sep 6 15:47:24 EDT 2016

Hello Victor,

This is the correct place to get help, and I'm sorry for the delay.
Jonathan Hu tried to send you a response last month, but it looks like he
forgot to include you on the recipient list (and instead sent it to only
trilinos-users at trilinos.org).  I have pasted his response below.


Are all the test examples in the “demos” directory?

    No.  Each Trilinos package has its own set of tests.  They are usually
in PACKAGE/test, but there are exceptions, e.g., Tpetra, where the tests
are distributed among different test subdirectories.  If you can't find the
executables, it probably means you didn't enable them at configure time.
You can either enable tests for all packages via


or do it on a per-package basis, e.g.,



On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Victor Eijkhout <eijkhout at tacc.utexas.edu>

> Guys,
> it’s been almost a month since I sent this message, and so far with zero
> response. Is there a different place to get help?
> Victor.
> Are all the test examples in the “demos” directory? I can’t get them to
> run. Where is the actual executable that is tested? How can I see what the
> errors were? (Note that I edited the CTest file to use the correct mpirun;
> using mpiexec just gives a hanging test.)
> [c557-702:ex1:29] pwd
> /home1/00434/eijkhout/Software/trilinos/testing/demos-12.6.4/
> buildAgainstTrilinos/build/test/ex1
> [c557-702:ex1:30] cat CTestTestfile.cmake
> compile in parallel
> # CMake generated Testfile for
> # Source directory: /home1/00434/eijkhout/Software/trilinos/testing/
> demos-12.6.4/buildAgainstTrilinos/test/ex1
> submission)
> # Build directory: /home1/00434/eijkhout/Software/trilinos/testing/
> demos-12.6.4/buildAgainstTrilinos/build/test/ex1
> submission)
> #
> # This file includes the relevant testing commands required for
> # testing this directory and lists subdirectories to be tested as well.
> add_test(ex1 "ibrun" "-np" "4" "/home1/00434/eijkhout/
> Software/trilinos/testing/demos-12.6.4/buildAgainstTrilinos/build/src/MyApp.exe")
>                   │#ctest -VV
> [c557-702:ex1:31] make test ex1
> Running tests…
> /opt/apps/cmake/3.1.0/bin/ctest --force-new-ctest-process
> Test project /home1/00434/eijkhout/Software/trilinos/testing/demos-12.6.4/
> buildAgainstTrilinos/build/test/ex1
>     Start 1: ex1
> 1/1 Test #1: ex1 ..............................***Failed    1.67 sec
> 0% tests passed, 1 tests failed out of 1
> Total Test time (real) =   1.68 sec
> The following tests FAILED:
>           1 - ex1 (Failed)
> Errors while running CTest
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