[Trilinos-Users] Construct Epetra CrsMatrix with raw pointers

SungHwan Choi sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 04:24:02 EDT 2016

Dear all,
I faced new problem when I construct CrsMatrix
before I make it, I already get raw pointers; row, col and data pointers.
Are there any efficient method to construct new CrsMatrix?
The simplest method is to insert each values like usual case. However, in
my case, because of large size of matrix, it didn't work. If I inserted
each value and called FillComplete, I faced out of memory error......
The largest memory consumption happend in FillComplete in CrsGraph class. I
think I don't need that procedure becuase I already know where is nonzero
please help me
Sunghwan Choi
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