[Trilinos-Users] stk_util linking errors for Trilinos/Albany

Bosler, Peter Andrew pabosle at sandia.gov
Thu Mar 17 12:40:46 EDT 2016

Good morning,

I have been having problems getting Trilinos master to build on Mac (https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos/issues/62) although the original report of this bug was a Unix build.   I have tracked the problem down to the linking of shared libraries, and I have two workarounds.

The first (and easiest) is to do a static build by setting -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS:BOOL=OFF in the configure script.

To get a shared build to work, I had to hack four stk_util CMakeLists.txt files to explicity state the following dependencies using the TRIBITS_ADD_LIBRARY command's DEPLIBS option:
1. stk_util_use_cases depends on stk_util_parallel, stk_util_env, and stk_util_diag
2. stk_util_registry depends on stk_util_env
3. stk_util_diag depends on stk_util_env
4. stk_util_env depends on stk_util_util and stk_util_parallel

This works for Trillinos, but then I found similar problems with Albany - it could not find the appropriate Trilinos libraries for the adapt/ library unless I hacked several of the Albany CMakeLists.txt files to add explicit TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES calls.  Albany is too big for me to do this manually, so I gave up and resorted to a static build.

Has anyone had a similar experience with shared build difficulties, particularly on Mac?  I did not have to do any of these hacks to get Trilinos/Albany to build with shared libs on the Unix HPC clusters I use - what's different about the Mac shared library environment?  Is there a way to get Cmake to figure these dependencies out by itself?

Thanks for your time,

Pete Bosler

Peter Bosler, Ph.D.
Sandia National Laboratories
Center for Computing Research
Multiphysics Applications (01446)
pabosle at sandia.gov
(505) 845 - 0427

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