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Bradley, Andrew Michael ambradl at sandia.gov
Fri Jan 22 13:59:43 EST 2016

Hi Danielle,

OK, these are good checks.

I think if I were debugging this, I would do two high-level things next.

First, make a small, well-conditioned problem. Then run it with 1 to N MPI ranks and observe the results. Since the matrix is small by construction, one can also print the entries from each processor. (I'm a bit busy, so I can't help with the details of printing entries; sorry.)

Second, increase the quality of the preconditioner. Do this in two ways: increase the subdomain overlap (AZ_overlap) to 2 or 3, and possibly also make the drop tolerance within each domain smaller. See if this resolves the 3-processor case. I'm not suggesting we want to have to do this in practice at large scale, but in this debug stage, these are useful knobs to help with debugging.


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the help!

1. With no preconditioner, 1,2,3 and 4 processors and no preconditioner, I get the same answer.  It does not converge to the correct solution due to ill-conditioning. but is consistent amongst the processors.

2. Yes, the 12,4-proc cases all give the same correct solution with the ilut preconditioner.

Let me know what you think.


From: Bradley, Andrew Michael <ambradl at sandia.gov>
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Hi Danielle,

1. What happens if you do not use a preconditioner at all?

2. Have you verified in the 1,2,4-proc cases that the output solutions all agree?



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I am solving a FSI finite element matrix vector system.  I am using GMRES with glut in AztecOO.  It appropriately solves it for 1,2 and 4 processors on my local machine, which with 3 processors it cannot bring the residual down below 1e-1.  I was wondering if this could be an issue with the ilut preconditioner, since it says convergence depends on the domain decomposition, or if it is possible there is a bug in my code?


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