[Trilinos-Users] Print matrix values

Danielle Catherine Maddix dcmaddix at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 22 13:18:48 EST 2016


I am using the Epetra_FEVbrMatrix class and I would like to print the entries of my array linearly to compare to my matrix in my fortan code. I know that you can cout the matrix with the overloaded << operator, but it specifies the format, whereas I want just a list of the values.  Is there an easy way to access A[i][j]?

I see the function Trilinos::K->ExtractGlobalBlockRowView(1, rowDim, numBlockEntries, blockIndices, Values) but am not sure how to access the actually Values, since it is a Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix **Values;

I just want to print the values of the matrix linearly.

Also, I would like to proint the entries of the preconditioner. I see the routine

Epetra_RowMatrix *M = Solver.GetPrecMatrix();

Is there a simple way to print after this?


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